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View slideshow of M.O.R.E. CenterSketch of M.O.R.E. Center

Sketch of the M.O.R.E. Center

The M.O.R.E. Center was designed by the Board of Directors. It is a 5,000 square foot steel frame building crafted by Star Building Systems. It is fully insulated and has drop ceilings and drywall interior walls. The building is heated with hot water in the concrete floor using a boiler from Lennox and is divided into 3 zones. The hot water tank is heated using the same boiler as the heat. A separate air conditioning system cools from the ceiling and is divided into 2 zones. The windows are from Pella Windows.

The interior contains a waiting room, restrooms, food pantry and check-in office, emergency financial assistance office, food pick-up room, food storage room, multi-purpose room and kitchen, and a small items and clothing room. The multi-purpose room is used to display clothing and items and is easily converted to a meeting room. It is available for organizations to use when the Center schedule permits. This new building is about 12 times larger than the old building. Industrial shelving has been purchased for food storage and an 8 x 8 walk-in freezer stores most of our frozen food. We have also purchased an industrial sized cooler capable of holding 144 gallons of milk, and have obtained a combination refrigerator/freezer offering us some versatility.