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It is always interesting to look back on statistics from a previous year. For example, did you know that last year the M.O.R.E. Center moved over 263,000 pounds of food through its doors? Also, in the last 14 years, M.O.R.E. has expended more than $204,000 to keep families in their homes with utilities turned on. The Jewel Food Store in Huntley gave us (M.O.R.E.) 74,000 pounds of food last year and Wayne's Country Market contributed 6,500 pounds of bread. M.O.R.E. distributed 125 new children's coats last year and 85 backpacks over-flowing with supplies.

These are amazing statistics considering the size of our town. While we may marvel at the big numbers, it is important to remember that what really counts and is so hard to measure are the big hearts and commitment of the people that make up the communities we represent. It is the concern for the less fortunate that drives individuals to support a Holiday Food Box drive that brought in $10,000 in $16 increments. It was the same spirit that led customers of Sullivan's Food Store to purchase 400 shopping bags and an additional $350 in gift cards when the drive ended. We must also acknowledge the grass roots support from individuals and organizations that faithfully give month after month to support our cause. The schools, community organizations and businesses continue to remember us. Our churches regularly support us financially and with food drives, as well as special programs of support. From the coins in the Vacation Bible School boxes, to the monthly $10 PayPal donations, or the donated used clothing and the tomatoes from your garden, we reap the benefits of a successful organization.