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Welcome to the M.O.R.E. Center

The M.O.R.E. Center (Marengo area OutReach Enterprises), located at 829 Greenlee Street in Marengo, is established to be a first responder to needy individuals and families residing in the Marengo/Union area (within the Marengo High School District boundaries) of McHenry County. Local ProduceWe are here to offer supplemental food, emergency financial assistance, clothing and household items and advice for seeking additional help (see Programs page).

The funding for the M.O.R.E. Center relies on donations from community members, churches, organizations, businesses and grants. The M.O.R.E. food pantry also receives government commodities and works closely with the Northern Illinois Food Bank. Although we have nearly 120 volunteers, not one individual is paid.

Why do we do this? We do this because we care about the welfare of our citizens and we do this because giving back to our community is the right thing to do. Every day we see individuals and families struggling to stay in their homes or to pay utility bills or to just put food on the table. Most of us realize that we are only one major crisis away from being in the same position. Most of us remember very meager times at some time in our lives.

We hope two messages are being received by you. First, volunteering at the M.O.R.E. Center is an easy, fun way to help your neighbors. So, after visiting this website, consider downloading our volunteer application. The other message is that if you or someone you know is going through a financially tough time, we are here to try to sort things out and to offer a helping hand. We may not have everything you will need, but we are here keep your head above water and give you that life preserver to stay afloat.

Piecing Together the M.O.R.E. Puzzle

A letter from the Executive Director showing how all of the pieces of M.O.R.E. create a beautiful site.

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food donation box - sullivan's

Partnership allows for new food donation box inside Sullivan's Food Store.

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Food Pantry, Emergency Financial Assistance, and Little Portion:

  • Wednesdays (weekly): 9:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.
  • Thursdays (weekly): 4:00 p.m. - 6:30 p.m.

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Help Make a Difference, Donate

Donations from people like you help those less fortunate. Help make a difference in your community by supporting the M.O.R.E. Center. Donate today!

M.O.R.E. accepts credit card and online donations!